ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 9001
First Issue Date: 12. 2. 2008
Date Of Expiry: 3. 10. 2022

In a contemporary business world, the word quality is often abused and used where it has no righteous place. Quality is not equal to merely offering great products and services – it demands taking care of all business components that contribute to the idea of good business practice.

Kovinc d.o.o. received its confirmation about obliging all standards determined by ISO 9001 certificate on February 12th, 2008. This assures our business partners that we follow honest, fair, ethical and responsible business culture, presenting itself in top quality products.

ISO 9001 certificate guarantees satisfied customers

The process of quality management always expresses in service or a product, and that can be achieved through eight strict and complex principles that don't allow any slack: process approach, the involvement of people, leadership, customer focus, mutually beneficial supplier relationships, fact-based decision making, continual improvement and system approach. By obeying such a palette of demands, ISO 9001 certificate improves customer satisfaction and helps the company to be more efficient, to lower the costs and to maximize profit. What feels good for the company, is also beneficial – for the customers and the company itself!

We know our customers have every right to demand quality, so we don't only take care to meet the regulations of ISO 9001 certificate, but even exceed them. It's a challenge, a focus on the future – the more we put into quality, the more competitive we are and more proud of our business success. In order to make it all come true, we continually focus on new technology and motivating our employees. We encourage them to think innovative and creative and make sure they get educated and get new knowledge.

We understand ISO 9001 certificate as a confirmation, meaning we are a company with a vision. We can make good decisions, change our ideas into achievable goals and offer our market more quality.

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  • Why is ISO 9001 needed?
    ISO 9001 is the basis for the systematic management and quality management of products and services in the company.
  • Are ISO 9001 products better and safer to use?
    The system has enabled more consistent compliance with the requirements for product quality and safety.
  • What are the company's benefits with ISO 9001?
    Demonstrable commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Greater performance of the company itself.
  • What are the benefits of introducing the ISO 9001 quality management system?
    With the ISO 9001 certificate, the organization proves its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Progress can be measured through the continuous growth of business success and the improvement of the organization's results.
  • Which eight quality management principles that are fundamental to good business practice must a company adhere to?
    These principles are customer focus, leadership, people involvement, process approach, system approach to management, continuous improvement, fact-based decision making, and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.