ISO 14001:2015 Certification

ISO 14001
First Issue Date: 4. 10. 2016
Date Of Expiry: 3. 10. 2022

Humankind and environment are inseparable. They form an ecosystem, where the interconnection of cause and effect should never be neglected and forgotten. We must treat our environment with diligence on personal and business level because we need a proper habitat for healthy living. At Kovinc d.o.o., we are highly aware of our responsibility, so we improved with ISO 14001 certificate. We joined a community of companies, who meet the highest standards of effective and minimal environmental impact, on October 4th, 2016.

ISO 14001 is our investment in the future of our planet

There's no doubt every branch in steel industry can cause irreversible damage to the environment by irresponsible conduct, and that's why ecology is must be a priority. Our company has always had a goal to be a green company which doesn't mistreat environment because of profit. We started eliminating irregularities with small steps and that lead to globally acknowledged ISO 14001. It certifies our responsibility – and we're proud of it!

Attitude to nature is often an indicator of focus on the future because nature-friendly production and products bring more innovation and competitiveness. We follow the rules of the standard purchasing materials, we are careful at energy consumption, we minimize risks and waste.

It's pleasant to know our eco-awarness is beneficial for all:

  • the environment – it stays green,
  • the company – it has lower costs,
  • the clients – they get a better price.

Last but not least, there's personal satisfaction. As we turn off the machines and close our office at the end of the day, we are aware, we are doing the best for our planet, ourselves and the future generations. We know we're one with our environment and take ISO 14001 as a very serious commitment.

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