3D tube laser cutting

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Gallery of products made using laser technology

  • Predvajaj VG_laser_cutting_name_6

    Laser cutting of any shape

    The machine can any cut any shape pictured by the designer to optimize the final product.
  • Predvajaj VG_laser_cutting_name_5

    Laser cutting of open profiles

    Cutting of U profiles or C profiles shortens the time of construction because we avoid the operation of bending.
  • Predvajaj VG_laser_cutting_name_4

    Laser cutting of special profiles

    Pipe laser also allows the cutting of special profiles such as the profile of 1,5x38x37 mm dimension.
  • Predvajaj VG_laser_cutting_name_7

    Laser cutting of stainless steel materials

    In addition to constructional steel, the machine can also process stainless steel and aluminium materials.
  • Predvajaj VG_laser_cutting_name_1

    Display of LaserTube LT8 machine

    Video shows the entire tube-cutting machine of the company Kovinc d.o.o.
  • Predvajaj VG_laser_cutting_name_2

    Laser cutting of rectangular tube

    Video shows laser cutting of rectangular tube 8x50x120 mm.
  • Predvajaj VG_laser_cutting_name_3

    Laser cutting using a 3D head

    Pipe laser with the use of 3D head also allows the operation of deburring and chamfering through holes.