Certificate EN 1090-1 and meeting demands for EN 1090-2 standard

EN 1090-1
First Issue Date: 19. 6. 2013
Date Of Expiry: 19. 6. 2023

Steel is a synonym for strength and resilience because it doesn't break and is persistent in its firmness. What goes for material, isn't necessarily true for every product its used for. An old wisdom says a chain is only as strong as its weakest link! Our company Kovinc d.o.o. takes care that every piece of our product keeps the promise of the material, and that's crucial for metal constructions. We're very successful at it and we can prove it with an EN 1090 certificate, which grants the best quality in our industry.

Metal construction certificate in order with EN 1090-2

The standard, obligatory for whole Europe since 2014, has determined conditions for marking steel constructions with a CE mark, and it refers to compliance of components of steel and aluminum constructions and technical requirements for execution of steel constructions. A certificate marked EN 1090 concerns the essence of our work. That's why we don't take certificate EN 1090-1 and including the standard for EN 1090-2 as a rule that would limit us, but as a tool that makes us better, more competitive and progressive.

The certificate, which we obtained in 2013, is a proof of a mechanical resistance and stability of steel constructions, and both of them form a reliant base for safety and reliability of all our products. Quality control in our production assures our clients they are getting exactly what they expect. The core of it is precise marking, a statement about characteristics and a production control from receiving an order to the manufacturing process and a final product.

What does it take to make steel constructions of best quality and reliability?

  • A revision and review of project documentation,
  • a revision of compliance regarding mecanical resistence and stability of the object,
  • trained contractors,
  • highly professional manufactuire and mounting,
  • suitable anti-corrosive protection,
  • regular analisis and overview of the condition,
  • assesment of condition and the remaining lifespan of the construction …

EN 1090 certificate is comprehensive, exact and systematic. It assures a steel construction is made in accordance with regulations because operating a company in a manner corresponding to the certificate assures a system, where all products follow a complex process of standards of mandatory quality of production. That's why at Kovinc d.o.o., we take pride in obtaining it and also keeping it with good work. It's how we fulfill the expectations of our clients and keep the quality of products together with the quality of the company.

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  • Do you follow all the protocols required of you by the EN 1090-1 certificate?
    As certificate holders, we perform all required activities according to the relevant scope.
  • How can you prove that your construction is made safe?
    We prove the safety of the manufactured structure by respecting regulatory and professional requirements. Compliance with all requirements can be seen from individual records, which are created as a result of the activities performed, inspection, control, testing and examination.
  • Is EN 1090-1 a legal standard?
    The standard has been mandatory throughout the EU since 2014 per a European Union regulation.
  • Why is EN 1090 important for a company?
    In addition to compliance with the regulations, the standard is important for ensuring the safety and quality of products.