Happy New Year 2022

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2022.

golden-creditworthiness-certificate (2021)

Golden Creditworthiness Certificate

With great pleasure we would like to inform you that this year we are ranked at the very top of the credit rating – for the third year in a row. This is why we received the Golden Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence. It proves that we are a reliable, credible and low-risk business entity for

Order Procedure

Order Procedure: From Inquiry to Dispatch

The essence of any business is demand and supply. In our company, we regularly receive requests for a variety of services, which we take very seriously. First of all, we have to assess which inquiries are the ones that can be answered with a specific offer, and which are the ones where we need additional

Silver Excellence

Silver Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence

Our company had very good business results for several years in a row, which is why we have been awarded with Silver Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence this year. There is a 91% probability that entities with a rating of Silver Creditworthiness of Excellence will maintain their excellence in creditworthiness in the following year as well.

Laser Cutting Machine Platino Fiber EVO

New Laser Cutting Machine PLATINO FIBER EVO

In January, our company will launch a new laser cutting machine PLATINO FIBER EVO with an automatic loading and unloading device.

Kovinc - 40th Anniversary Celebration

Celebration of the 40th anniversary of our company

On 19th December 2019, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of our company. To this end, we organized a party with special entertainment and culinary program for our employees, customers and suppliers. The director of our company, Mr. Damjan Žvelc, and the founder of the company, Mr. Pavel Žvelc, were holding a speech for all attendants.

New Storage Facilities

New Storage Facilities

We organized another 1000 m2 storage and 2000 m2 outdoor manipulative areas.

Highest Creditworthiness Rating

Highest Creditworthiness Rating

Our company has received the highest rating of a business entity that demonstrates credit excellence and represents one of the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entities for cooperation with all business partners. We are very proud of our certification.

Žan Kranjec

Sponsorship: Žan Kranjec

We are proud to announce that we have become a personal sponsor of the currently most successful Slovenian skier, Žan Kranjec.

Laser Cutting Machine LT5

New Laser Cutting Machine LT5 and Marking System

We obtained a new LT5 tube laser cutting machine with innovative fibre technology, which can process all types of pipes and profiles made of all kinds of materials up to: 120 mm in diameter, weight of 13.5 kg/m, length of 6.5 m. We also started with automatic marking of products by customer requirements. If you