Company with 40 Years of Tradition

Company Kovinc d.o.o. is a manufacturing company with 40-year tradition in metal machining. Continuous investments in equipment and development has enabled us to become a competitive and internationally operational company.

We are marked by excellent organization, quick response, professionalism and flexibility. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to offer our customer high quality products and services at competitive prices.

Operation of our company is based on continuous improvement of the production process and introduction of modern technology.

Establishment of our company

The formation of the family manufacturing company dates back to 1979. Throughout this time, the production has grown in both volume as well as its diversity.

In 1990, we built a new hall and bought new hardware. Production was focused into metal machining and started with manufacture of different metal products and metal constructions.

In 2005 the company transformed from original individual entrepreneur into the company Kovinc d.o.o.

The above photo shows our team in 2014 with storage facilities in the background. In 2016, we employed some new experts in the field of Metalworking, expanded production and increased our storage capacity.

Today, production takes place in a total of 5000 m² of production and storage areas, and an additional 2000 m² of covered and 4000 m2 of uncovered handling areas are available. Today the team consists of 70 employees, most of them from mechanical engineering.


We are specialized in four basic production programs:

  • metal exterior and interior equipment program,
  • heavy welded metal structures program,
  • metal elements of railway network for railway electrification,
  • welded metal structures for mechanical engineering program.

We also offer a wide assortment of services related to reshaping sheet metal and profiles with the most up-to-date CNC machines. We closely follow technological development and constantly modernize our production. We can offer our clients services ranging from project planning, consulting and manufacturing to installation on the spot.

We have all necessary licenses and certificates for our products. We have also acquired an international certificate for welding under the standard ISO 3834 and certificate for steel constructions EN 1090. The entire operations have also been certified under the standard ISO 9001/2015, ISO 14001/2015 and ISO 45001/2018.

The history of the company by year

1979 The establishment of the company
1979 – 1985 Manufacture of metal interior lights in the garage of a private home
1985 – 1990 The building of a business facility and the beginning of the manufacture for purposes of construction locksmithing
1990 The building of a new 500m2 hall on a single landing
1991 – 1993 The signing of the contract with the Territorial Defence of Republic of Slovenia for the development and manufacture of missile defence equipment for the Missile Brigade Cobra in Ljubljana
1992 – 1998 The acquisition of CNC and NC machines for treatment and processing of sheet metal (an NC shearing machine, a CNC bending machine, an NC tube bending machine, an NC puncture machine, a saw, welders, planers, a milling machine)
2002 – 2003 The beginning of the construction of a second new hall, size 2000m2
2004 The signing of the contract with Europlakat for bus shelters in the whole of Ljubljana
2005 The transformation of the company from IE (individual entrepreneur) into LLC (limited liability company) and the acquisition of land to expand the manufacture
2006 The acquisition of the first 2D laser cutting machine
2006 – 2007 The expansion and linking of existing facilities and the building of a third hall, size 1200 m2, the acquisition of the SIST EN ISO 9001 certificate, a CNC puncture machine and an NC planer
2007 The alteration of the business building and the construction of business premises for the management
2008 The acquisition of a robotic welding cell, an NC shearing machine and a CNC sheet metal bending machine
2009 The acquisition of the international certificate for welding in accordance with ISO 3834-4
2011 The acquisition of a 5-axis CNC tube bending machine and three light vans
2012 The acquisition of a 3D tube laser cutting machine Adige Lasertube LT8 and the company’s Open Day
2013 The acquisition of the international certificate for welding in accordance with ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090-1
2014 The replacement of the 2D laser cutting machine for sheet metal with a more powerful laser machine and an automatic storage loading device with 10 storage places
2015 The building of a fourth hall with an overhead travelling crane, size 500m2, and the organisation of the entire surroundings as well as handling areas
2016 The acquisition of the new SIST EN ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (based on OHSAS 18001) certificates and the transition to the SIST EN ISO 9001:2015 standard
2017 The completion of the construction of additional manufacturing capacities, size 1100 m2
2018 The acquisition of a new threading machine: Teknomasyon BHK01.MQL – DC from M5 to M24
2019 The acquisition of a new tube laser cutting machine Adige LT5 with state-of-the-art fibre technology, the acquisition of an engraving line and the construction of new storage facilities