International Welding Certification

ISO 3834-2
First Issue Date: 19. 6. 2013
Date Of Expiry: 19. 6. 2023

They say welding is like sawing, where you use fire instead of thread. At Kovinc d.o.o., we make sure our stitches are precise, strong and smooth, and certificate ISO 3834-2 confirms it. An international organization for ISO standardization awards it only to companies, which meet the highest level of welding quality in an intricate process.

The complexity of ISO 3834-2

The welding standard ISO 3834-2 is the most demanding standard for evaluating technical and personnel competence in welding performance. Let's make it even more straightforward: it demands the highest qualified staff and a welding coordinator with an IWE international diploma, modern welding equipment and machines, and approved welding procedure. At Kovinc d.o.o., we like to boast we have an exceptional staff, that can handle the toughest tasks and the most complex projects. We invest in machines and instruments that give the best products. This is the only way welding in a production hall and on the field can be perfect.

We earned the certificate on July 1st, 2013, and this investment in quality has gained us access to demanding European market. With ISO 3834-2, our steel constructions became elite. The level of the best has been attained with an international welding engineer, certified welders and operators of welding appliances, welding processes in accordance with qualified product standards, regular maintenance of equipment, supervision at work … Perfectionism is granted by stern control before, during and after production.

The welding certificate ISO 3834-2 is successfully united with ISO 9001 certificate of quality and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certificate (previously known as OHSAS 18001) because they form an inseparable threesome: great welding, quality, and healthy employees go hand in hand. Our principle is, that a company can be successful only when occupation equals passion. Progress comes with a desire to create, and this desire can be transformed from an idea into reality only with professional knowledge, modern equipment, and tools.

The welding certificate ISO 3834-2 is also upgraded with ISO 1090-1 certificate, which applies to steel constructions, and we adequately integrate ISO 14001 certificate. The latter makes sure we weld without unnecessarily polluting our environment and without excessive production of waste.

All certificates – by themselves and in relation to each other, constitute essential principles of our business and give us an opportunity to be one step ahead of our competition.

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  • What does ISO 3834-2 mean?
    It means ensuring the implementation of quality requirements in the fusion welding of metallic materials with more extensive quality requirements.
  • Is ISO 3834-2 a competitive advantage for you?
    Of course. The certificate gives the organization a competitive advantage in several areas: savings in production and warranty periods, elimination of the need for external audits for the supplier, reduction of the complaints’ volume, advertising effect and so on.
  • Which level of certification did you choose in the company Kovinc?
    In the company, we decided for the EXC3 level.