Robot Welding with Motoman HP20-6

Fast. Reliable. Accurate. Effective. Safe.

Robotic Welding

Robotic welding cell is equipped with a modern industrial robot Motoman EA1900N and robot controller Motoman NX 100, which quickly, reliably and accurately welds all types of surfaces. The robot is installed in the middle of swivel positioner with H-tables and three external robotic axles.

Load capacity of positioner is 200 kg per station in case of a balanced load. Each station can be clamped with a welding mould of length up to 2000 mm (SPW), with a working cylinder with diameter up to 500 mm (SWING). The software together with its software language optimally shortens welding time. Robotic welding thus reduces delivery times, provides high quality and improved process efficiency, so we can offer final products at competitive prices.


  • High accuracy.
  • Reduced working process time.
  • Very accurate route tracking.
  • Optimized movement.
  • Control of vibrations.
  • Sensitive collision detection.
  • Simple connection to the existing network.
  • Remote control and diagnostics of robotic systems.
  • Multitasking.
  • Automatic calibration.

Video Gallery

Robotic welding procedure

With a modern industrial robot we provide fast and extremely accurate robotic welding.

Operation of the welding robot

Check the welding process of the Motoman HP20-6 industrial robot with the NX100 controller.

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  • What welding robot do you use?
    We use an industrial welding robot Motoman EA1900N.
  • Is robotic welding faster than manual welding?
    Yes, robotic welding is faster than manual.
  • What is the minimum batch for robotic welding?
    The size of the batch depends on the size of the weld.
  • When is it advisable to weld a product with a robot?
    For larger batches of identical pieces and if there is a lot of welding on the product.
  • What are the advantages of robotic welding over manual welding?
    Faster welding, repeatability of welds, less grinding after welding.