Tube Bending with Crippa Machine

Mechanical process. Complex forms. Accuracy.

CNC Tube Bending

CNC tube bending is a mechanical process of metal working. Flat tube is inserted into machine and is brought into desired shape by pushing the thorn with one or more curves. This process is used for creation of complex tube forms from different types of materials. In general, we use round tubes for bending; however, we can also use square, rectangular and elliptical tubes. Tube bending is influenced by many factors, such as quality of the material, thickness of the pipe wall, quality of tools and lubricants.

CA LINEAR machine from Crippa manufacturer is one of the most modern machines in this area. It is suitable for use in the furniture, automotive as well as aerospace industries. This machine has five axes and is fully CNC controlled, and driven by digital electrical motors. Maximum diameter of tube bending is 63 mm and usable length of the tube is 5500 mm. The machine can also bend products, which have a variable angle with option of bending into helix.

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Tube Bending with Crippa Linear CA 563

The modern Crippa Linear CA 563 CNC machine can bend a tube with a diameter of up to 63 millimeters.

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