ISO 45001:2018 Certification

ISO 45001
First Issue Date: 4. 10. 2019
Date Of Expiry: 3. 10. 2022

Satisfaction and safety of our employees are crucial to success. That's why we decided to improve all standards regarding safety management and occupational health. On October 4th, 2016, we acquired OHSAS 18001, which was later replaced by ISO 45001. It is published by Bureau Veritas – the most prestigious occupational health and safety certificate worldwide.

Why are we so proud of ISO 45001?

All employees should exercise their rights and companies should provide working conditions that praise their knowledge and hard work. We've always worked for good coherence, a clear division of tasks, expressing opinions and ideas, transparency, flexibility and appropriate rewarding. ISO 45001 upgraded this human resources philosophy with clear principles about safety and health. It specifies the policy of safety and occupational health, demanding great planning and constant improvements. The certificate is not only a proof we follow the law but a proof we successfully eliminate all risks in the working process.

We believe ISO 45001 is a certificate, that should be obtained by every company wishing to gain a reputation amongst business partners and in society in general. At Kovinc d.o.o., we see it as taking full responsibility for our employees. We offer them optimal working conditions and we get better efficiency and less time loss. Our employees know the probability of danger is lower and that has a positive impact on motivation and satisfaction. These two bring innovation and our best employees' decision to stay with us.

ISO 45001 certificate is international and it declares our commitment to high corporate culture and good practice in leading and managing human resources. Safety and health of people must be a no.1 concern. It's an investment that guarantees quality and progress.

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