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Highest Creditworthiness Rating

Highest Creditworthiness Rating

Our company has received the highest rating of a business entity that demonstrates credit excellence and represents one of the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entities for cooperation with all business partners. We are very proud of our certification.

Žan Kranjec

Sponsorship: Žan Kranjec

We are proud to announce that we have become a personal sponsor of the currently most successful Slovenian skier, Žan Kranjec.

Laser Cutting Machine LT5

New Laser Cutting Machine LT5 and Marking System

We obtained a new LT5 tube laser cutting machine with innovative fibre technology, which can process all types of pipes and profiles made of all kinds of materials up to: 120 mm in diameter, weight of 13.5 kg/m, length of 6.5 m. We also started with automatic marking of products by customer requirements. If you

Machine for Tube Laser Cutting

Acquisition of a New Laser Cutting Machine

Dear business partners! We want to inform you that we are in the phase of obtaining the new BLM LT5 laser tube with the most modern fiber technology. We expect to have the machine ready in April. With the new laser cutter we will be able to cut all metals to a diameter of 120

Robotic Welding Advantages

7 Advantages of Robotic Welding

We are proud of a long tradition in the field of metalworking. As we constantly invest in equipment and development, we have become a competitive international operating company. We are known for excellent organization, being up-to-date, professionalism and flexibility. With our rich knowledge and experience we offer products and services of the highest quality to

Tapping Machine

New Tapping Machine

With the new acquisition of the tapping machine Teknomasyon BHK01.MQL (DC M5 to M24), we are now even faster and more precise with cutting threads in sheet metal and pipes. That makes us even more competitive on the market.

Certified Control Manager

Certified Control Manager

We are pleased to announce that the head of control, Roman Zaplotnik, has obtained a certificate for visual control for welding.

Greeting to Business Partners

Greeting to Business Partners

To all our business partners: we wish you a happy and successful year 2018. Please see some pictures from the opening of our new production hall. Image Gallery

Happy 2018

Happy 2018

We wish you a happy and successful New Year 2018!

New Production Hall

New Production Hall

We have completed the expansion of the existing hall, which now has a range of 1500 m2. The new production hall allows easier manipulation and logistics, controlled work, additional fully equipped welding workplaces and space for needed warehouse. We have also increased production capacities. Easier manipulation will enable increased and better production and also handling