Technical Conditions and Capability

We manufacture products with higher quality standards than required and with a duration of 20 or more years, such as railway track elements (so-called “DARS standard for hot-dip galvanizing” – requirements which exceed SIST EN ISO 1461).

We are qualified for most demanding steel constructions of the implementation class equal to SIST EN 1090-1.

Initial type tests are performed with the “Confirmation of First Piece” system, setting the manufacturing standard of all pieces in accordance with the quality of the first piece. We prepare a matrix of responsible persons for each project. We provide traceability of material, procedures, and control from entry control through to shipment.

Quality assurance in our company:

  • in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, SIST EN 1090-1 and SIST EN ISO 3834-2:2006 standards,
  • internal certification for Factory Production Control,
  • use of latest technology,
  • our own highly qualified and certified welding staff,
  • authorised and certified welding procedures (WPQR) and prepared welding procedures (WPS),
  • use of certified basic and add-on materials exclusively,
  • use of IT support for traceability,
  • capability of meeting highest requirements of customers, which are higher than standard requirements,
  • our own complete customer service: from design to installation, including static calculations and anti-corrosion protection,
  • Kovinc products have the Declaration of Conformity, and the Declaration of Performance (CE label).

We meet the requirements for a steel constructions manufacturer:

  • Certificate EN 1090-1 …… Execution of steel and aluminium constructions – first part: Requirements for determining conformity of construction components
  • Certificate EN 1090-2 ………………. Execution of steel and aluminium constructions – second part: Technical requirements for installation of steel constructions
  • Certificate EN ISO 3834-2…………. Welding certificate
  • Certificates of welding personnel in accordance with ISO 9606-1
  • Controller certificate for VT research in accordance with EN 473
  • Issuing Declaration of Conformity CE in accordance with EN 1090-1
  • Visual control in accordance with EN 13018, EN ISO 17637 or EN 970 – research report
  • Installed material: all with control certificate 3.1 in accordance with EN ISO 10204
  • Control certificates for add-on material 2.2 in accordance with EN ISO 10204
  • Anti-corrosion protection with hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with EN ISO 1461
  • Control certificate AKZ 3.1 according to ISO 10474 (certificate for hot-dip galvanizing performance)