Tube Laser with Fibre Technology

Adige Lasertube LT5

The LT5 tube laser-cutting machine with fibre technology is renowned for its exceptional speed, precision and flexibility of cutting with a wide range of application. Due to its exceptional speed and precision, it is suitable for cutting in large-scale production of products for the automotive, industrial and furniture industries.

Processing with the LT5 tube laser shortens product-processing time and reduces costs.

With the Lasertube LT5, we can process pipes and profiles made from all kinds of materials. In addition to iron, steel and aluminium, we can also process copper, brass and coloured metals. We can process pipes up to 120 mm in diameter, up to 13.5 kg/m in weight and up to 6.5 m in length.

On its side, the LT5 laser for Laser Tube Cutting with Fibre Technology is equipped with an automatic hopper which can receive as much as 4,000 kg of pipes. The automatic hopper prepares the tubes during cutting to shorten the production time. The automated pipe-loading machine is considered one of the world’s top technology solutions and has no equivalent in the field of laser technology.

By purchasing the LT5 laser with state-of-the-art technology, we have made a step forward in reducing the environmental load, since the LT5 laser consumes less electricity than other lasers.

The area of round tubes min. Ø 12 mm – max. Ø 120 mm
The area of square and rectangular tubes max. 100 x 100 mm
Possibility of processing materials steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass and colored pipes and profiles
Minimum length of workpiece min. 3200 mm
Numerical system Siemens 840D
Power of the laser unit 2000 W
Management automatic
Maximum weight of workpiece 13.5 kg/m
The maximum length of workpiece 6500 mm

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