Robot: Yaskawa Motoman AR2010

Yaskawa Motoman AR2010

The robotic welding cell is equipped with a modern YASKAWA MOTOMAN AR2010 industrial welding robot and YRC1000 robot controller, which quickly, reliably and precisely welds all types of surfaces.

It has a 16400 mm long FB-500 floor running unit with FRONIUS TPS500i welding equipment and two consecutive workstations equipped with a WG-1500 rotary positioner. The load capacity of the positioner is 1500 kg. A welding jig with a length of 2000 mm (SPW) to 6500 mm (SPW) can be clamped in each station, with a working cylinder of up to 1500 mm diameter (SWING).

The robotic welding cell contains MotoSim software, which enables offline simulation and programming of the robot.

Robotic welding in the production process thus reduces delivery times, ensures high quality and better efficiency of the process, thanks to which we can offer you products at competitive prices.


Advantages of the Yaskawa Motoman AR2010 welding robot:

  • High accuracy.
  • Higher added value of products.
  • Reduced time of the work process.
  • Very accurate path tracking.
  • Optimized movement.
  • Vibration control.
  • Sensitive collision detection.
  • Remote control and diagnostics of robotic systems.
  • Multitasking.
  • Automatic calibration.
  • Improved the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Increasing safety at work and employee health.

The new robotic cell is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in the framework of the investment “Development of metal industry KOVINC d.o.o." from the title of the 1st public tender for sub-measure 6.4 Support for investments in the establishment and development of non-agricultural activities.

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