Tube Laser Lasertube LT8.20

Lasertube LT8.20

The Lasertube LT8.20 tube laser-cutting machine with fibre technology is the most modern solution for laser cutting of tubes and profiles. It enables us to produce extremely fast and precise products with exceptional reproducibility.

With the LT8.20, we can process pipes with a diameter of 18 to 220 mm, up to a weight of 31 kg/m.

The tube laser is also equipped with automatic loading and unloading of workpieces. The automated tube-loading machine is considered one of the world’s top technology solutions and has no equivalent in the field of laser technology.

The work preparation technology and the programming method offer us automatic nesting of elements. This significantly reduces waste and optimizes production time.

The machine automatically suggests setting the cutting parameters and tube loading speed. The operator checks the settings before implementation and optionally adds certain solutions.

The LT8.20 is equipped on one side with an automatic storage-system that can hold 1,500 kg of pipes, and on the other side with a manual pipe loading system. The automatic storage-system already prepares the pipes during cutting, thus shortening the production time.

For programming, we use Artube CAD-CAM software, which is suitable for fast programming of complex products. By sending the program files, we can further exploit the potential that LT8.20 has to offer.

The area of round tubes min. Ø 18 mm - max. Ø220 mm
The area of square and rectangular tubes max. 200 x 200 mm
Possibility of processing materials steel, aluminum and stainless steel pipes and profiles
Minimum length of workpiece min. 100 mm
Numerical system Simens 840 D Solution Line
Power of the laser unit 3000 W
Management automatic
Maximum weight of workpiece 31 kg/m
The maximum length of workpiece 6500 mm

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