Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

TIG welding is an arc welding procedure in a shielded environment, for which we use inert gases – argon or helium and a non-fusible tungsten electrode, which does not wear out. It can be:

  • a pure tungsten electrode (when welding aluminium, copper and magnesium and their alloys);
  • alloyed with thorium, zirconium or hafnium oxide (when welding high-alloyed steels).

TIG welding is used for welding:

  • alloyed steel with the help of alternating current and positive pole of the electrode;
  • non-ferrous metals with the help of direct current and negative pole of the electrode.

With TIG welding methods it is possible to weld metals and alloys with an extremely high fusing-point, because the temperatures used in the procedure are high, even up to six thousand degrees. The rare gases shield from atmospheric pollution or oxidation of the weld. In comparison with arc welding with coated electrodes, TIG welding offers better control over the weld and ensures stronger and higher quality welds, and at the same time there is no material loss.

TIG welding is considered to be welding of the highest quality, since the weld has an almost identical composition as the workpiece. It is extremely corrosion resistant and is not liable to cracks, even over a long period of time.

TIG welding is extremely demanding, because it needs a short distance of the arc, but it offers the best results: strong, precise and high quality welds. We use it for welding pipelines and in the tool industry, and the modern aviation and space program would also be non-existent without it. It is often used in industry, where production under specific hygienic standards is needed – for example, in the cosmetics or food industries.

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Welding According to TIG Method

TIG welding is an electro-glass welding process with a non-volatile tungsten electrode in a protected environment.

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High quality in accordance with the required standards

TIG welding is the most difficult and is therefore performed only by the most specialized companies. At Kovinc d.o.o. we assure you that the service is in accordance with all standards and guarantee you the highest quality welding with light metals and their alloys, as well as of all other non-ferrous metals with a high fusing-point. If you are interested in additional information about TIG welding, our experts will be pleased to answer your questions.