Manual Arc Welding

Manual arc welding represents the basic type of welding with the use of electrical energy, where we weld with the melting of the basic and added material and so with the emanation of electrons from the negative to positive pole we create a current from the cathode to the anode, known as the arc. Manual arc welding can be performed in a free atmosphere or in a shielded environment; we can also use coated electrodes in the process.

Arc welding with a coated electrode is the most common method of manual welding of alloyed and non-alloyed steels. It uses a welding wire with a similar chemical structure as the base material. During the welding disintegration of the coating and the wire occurs, which enables:

  • protection against oxidation;
  • the ionization and stabilization of the arc burning;
  • the alloying and deoxidation of the welding melt.

As well as to welding in the open air or in free atmosphere, manual arc welding can also be performed in the shielded environment. Most commonly the welding is performed:

  • in inert gases (argon, helium), where we know MIG, TIG and plasma welding;
  • in active gas (CO2), where we talk about MAG welding.

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Guaranteed quality according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2

Manual arc welding with a coated electrode enables you to decide exactly which welding is most suitable for your material and product. Our experts will advise you on the best method (arc welding in the open air, in active or inert gas) to will ensure the highest quality of product. Our experts are in charge of the optimization of the processes and ensure the products' highest level of quality, regardless of whether the weld in our plant or in the field.

All our welders are certified in accordance with EN 287, the welding follows the approved welding procedures WPQR, and the quality is assured in accordance with EN ISO 3834-2. Regardless of whether you decide on arc welding or on other types of welding, the quality is thus assured, but is additionally provided by visual testing (VT) by certified staff.

Do you have additional questions? Contact our experts, who will tell you in more detail about manual arc welding with a coated electrode.