Color of a Tungsten Electrode

What Does the Color of a Tungsten Electrode Mean?

This time we will look a little deeper into TIG welding, a welding process that uses tungsten electrodes and depends on the hardness of the tungsten and the resistance to high temperatures to transfer the welding current to the welding arc. But there is more than one tungsten electrode, they are distinguished by their colors.

Welding for Beginners

Welding for Beginners: 4 Tips

Welding is a profession that requires a whole person. Someone who is dedicated to welding is happy with this job and is willing to work on continuously expanding their knowledge. The welder must have the appropriate education, which is upgraded with welding courses and learning about various tools and techniques. Technology is advancing, and with

Robotic Welding Advantages

7 Advantages of Robotic Welding

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