Robotic Welding Advantages

7 Advantages of Robotic Welding

We are proud of a long tradition in the field of metalworking. As we constantly invest in equipment and development, we have become a competitive international operating company. We are known for excellent organization, being up-to-date, professionalism and flexibility. With our rich knowledge and experience we offer products and services of the highest quality to our customers. The company’s operations are constantly based on continuous improvement of the production processes and the introduction of modern technologies.

Among the many services we offer are manual and robotic welding. Despite automation in the metal industry, manual welding is still an indispensable method, since robots can not always replace human beings. Manual welding is especially welcome when products are specific and unique or when products need to be welded in a smaller number. Robots cannot provide welding on the ground either.

Of course, robotic welding in comparison to the manual type also has many advantages. The seven most important ones are listed below.

1. Speed

Robot welding saves a lot of valuable time, because the work is automated and much faster. Therefore, the robotic welding system ensures a significant increase in production.

2. Accuracy

The Motoman HP20-6 robotic welding machine, which we use in our company, is extremely precise. Consequently, the need for expensive processing is reduced.

3. Repeatability

Manual welding requires a high level of competence from welders and also a lot of concentration in order to provide consistency and repeatability. The robot welder has no problems with this because it can continuously perform the same welding cycle – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4. Flexibility

The robotic welding machine is extremely flexible due to its many installation options. It can be placed on the floor, ceiling or linear unit. Due to its great flexibility, room requirements are lower.

5. Productivity

Due to the exceptional speed of robot welding, our production can be greatly increased. With a welding robot, we gain on productivity while increasing the quality of welding.

6. Cost efficiency

The welding robot increases the production capacity and lowers the production costs. As costs are lower, prices of finished products are also lower. This way, we can guarantee high quality at competitive prices.

7. Safety

The Motoman welding robot enables us to be safe from harmful effects when working. At the same time, it allows us to reduce the number of workers’ accidents in the metal products industry.

In conclusion, the welding robot is fast, accurate, flexible, productive, cost-effective and safe to use. It reduces delivery times, ensures high quality and better efficiency of the welding process itself, making it possible to offer final products at lower prices.

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