Miroslav Glavić (2024)

Miroslav Glavić

Head of Production

I have been employed in the company Kovinc since 2008.

My usual morning in the company begins with rounds in production and review of documentation prepared by project managers. This is followed by preparation and distribution of workers by orders made by project managers.

I have been participating with the company Kovinc since 2003 as a subcontractor and in 2008, I had an opportunity to start working here. I am constantly expanding my experience and knowledge, and grow and develop together with the company.

Our company is able to adapt to any customer separately and to meet all the requirements. With this and with the rapid growth of the company we are very competitive on the market. The biggest challenge for me is to complete the tasks timely in the event of exceptional workload. But I am most pleased when the projects are successfully completed on time.

I like spending my free time mostly with my family.

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