Europlakat d.o.o.

We produce jumbo billboards, bus stations and other urban equipment for the purposes of advertising for the company Europlakat.

»We cooperate with the company Kovinc d.o.o. in the field of producing most of commercial facility constructions, bus shelters, etc., which in the Slovenian territory places the company Europlakat. Our cooperation began already in 1999. Until now the largest project (both financial as well as developmental), in which the company Kovinc participated as the main subcontractor, was the making of 450 bus shelters, placed by our company in 2004 in the Ljubljana region. The project was particularly challenging because it required carrying out the development from a prototype to mass production as well as the placement of facilities in less than half a year. They always proved to be a reliable and competent partner. They always stepped towards us, provided us with suitable design solutions with respect to our desires and needs. It means a lot to us that the company is innovative and that continuously invests in equipment and development, and follows technological progress. This way, they can also provide high quality service at competitive prices in the future.«

Europlakat d.o.o. is the leading provider in the field of so-called »out of home« advertising in Slovenia. Their network of advertising space, including large billboards, illuminated showcases as well as roto and metro light dynamic advertising spaces provide national coverage and at the same time allow targeted communication at the local level.

In 1992, Europlakat built in Slovenia the first billboards of larger dimensions. This was followed by a period of years of growth, introduction of new formats, media holders and tools of outdoor advertising, which continues today. The strategy of intensive investments in the development of advertising offer and management of urban furniture, a network of large billboards and illuminated showcases help the company Europlakat in recording a steady growth of business operations.

Our company manufactures metal jumbo billboards, bus stations and other urban equipment for the company Europlakat, which is necessary for the needs of advertising, which includes providing the services of laser tube cutting, laser sheet metal cutting, tube bending, and profile cutting, CNC punching of sheet metal, manual welding, powder coating, assembly and installation.

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