Elan Inventa d.o.o.

We manufacture and install the complete metal equipment for sports halls, stadiums and playgrounds for the company Elan Inventa. All equipment is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and CE standard for steel structures.

Elan Inventa is a top manufacturer and provider of equipment and services for the equipping of sports facilities, in both domestic and foreign markets.

Our company cooperates with Elan Inventa mostly in the field of manufacturing telescopic tribunes, which are the result of their own development of complex technical solutions and meet high demands of all markets in terms of quality, performance and design. Their great flexibility and the possibility of transformation in different configurations allow you to use the tribunes for a variety of purposes – for concerts, sporting events, cultural events, entertainment events and similar occasions.

70 % of the elements of the telescopic tribune is made of sheet metal and profiles, so the quality of provided service of laser sheet metal and pipe cutting, as well as deburring of laser cutting are vitally needed to provide the required quality and to increase efficiency and productivity in manufacturing.

In addition to the aforementioned services, we also carry out the following services for Elan Inventa; cutting and bending of sheet metal, manual welding, coating, assembly and installation.

Following and parallel with the development of telescopic tribunes our company also obtained the CE Certificate for steel constructions, which is a condition for the sale of telescopic tribunes abroad.

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