Intelligent Mobile Robotic System for Precision Hole Drilling

Intelligent Mobile Robotic System for Precision Hole Drilling (IMRS)

In the period December 2023 – November 2025, the consortium of companies TEGRAD d.o.o., PIRNAR & SAVŠEK d.o.o. and KOVINC d.o.o. developed and launched a comprehensive digitized solution for automatic hole drilling.

The new product will be multi-functional for the automatic drilling of holes in railway and road tunnels and viaducts, which will facilitate the work of workers in a way that it becomes safer, faster and more accurate.

The goals of the project are:

  • more than 5 times faster drilling of holes for electrification purposes,
  • development of new knowledge and skills on system automation,
  • better quality and greater precision when drilling holes,
  • creation of new jobs and contribution to the development and growth of the economy,
  • greater efficiency and lower consumption of resources due to the automation of the hole drilling process.

Logos: Recovery and Resilience Mechanism,

An intelligent mobile robotic system will be developed for drilling holes for the needs of establishing installations (electrification, lighting, ventilation, etc.) in existing or new railway and road tunnels and viaducts to ensure safe driving.