Bus Shelters Manufacturing

Bus Shelters

At Kovinc Locksmith Industry we have been manufacturing and installing the bus shelters or bus stops of different dimensions since 2000. Our programme includes 5 different types of bus shelters and a bicycle shed, with the modularly adjustable size according to the customer’s wishes.

Types of Bus Shelters

Other Equipment for Bus Shelters

Bus shelters are made from quality and structurally stable materials. They can be manufactured from non-corrodible materials or in a metal hot zinc-coated form, with powder coating according to RAL in different colours, depending on the customer’s wishes (green, white, hazelnut colour, black etc.). The construction of the bus shelter is manufactured entirely in a prefabricated form, with the toughened safety glass and silver aluminium eloxated glass holders. All screws for assembly are made from non-corrodible materials. Solid bench seat is made from inox sheet metal.

The bus shelter roof is covered with a two-chamber UV-resistant board in milk white colour in the basic form.

Warning signs for prohibiting placarding and preventing birds from colliding with glass surfaces of the bus shelter are placed on the bus stop glass. On the bus stops, determined by the customer, we also offer a performance of construction works (foundations, finishing layers etc.), necessary for the complete arrangement of the bus stop.

We offer full professional assistance with designing and placing bus stops into the urban environment on the basis of the traffic legislation.

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