Order Procedure

Order Procedure: From Inquiry to Dispatch

The essence of any business is demand and supply. In our company, we regularly receive requests for a variety of services, which we take very seriously. First of all, we have to assess which inquiries are the ones that can be answered with a specific offer, and which are the ones where we need additional information from the client or even if we have to reject the order for a certain reason.

In the case of a submitted offer and a positive response from the client, we then receive an order form from them for the provision of the selected service. However, since the process of providing services in the metal processing industry is quite complex and requires quite a few demanding steps, we strictly follow the company’s outlined policy.

First steps for project design

The first step before starting work is ensuring that a technical director has carefully reviewed the contract and appointed a project manager. The manager then takes control of the project and arranges for further communication with the client. Based on this communication, the manager prepares plans and other workshop documentation to begin necessary processes.

Project Design

The workshop documentation includes a tender for necessary materials, which are then ordered by the purchasing department, and the project manager announces the appropriate technological procedures. In the initial part, a very important element of the project is communication with the client. It must be clear and must not leave any unanswered questions before starting work to ensure that the final product perfectly meets the client’s needs.

Document review and production start

The technical director then reviews the documentation provided by the project manager. Once this is confirmed, the project travels into production and manufacturing can begin. In this step, the production manager divides the tasks among the team and also explains the overall project plans in detail.

From now on, everything goes as laid out in the plan, with the supervision of both the production manager and the project manager. But that’s not all. In the company, where we prioritize the quality execution of orders, we also have an internal control system in place, which is constantly monitored by our controller.

Production time

The duration of all processes, including the production time, ultimately depends on the characteristics of each order. Usually, this means about one week to prepare all the necessary documentation and coordinate the technology with the customer (we adapt the product to our technology in order to improve the product both visually and usably), followed by ordering material that usually travels to us in 2 to 5 days, depending on whether the materials are typical or exotic.

Manufacture of Fabricated Metal Products

In the case of projects or orders that could be said to be of medium size, the in-house production then takes a further 5 to 10 days. A path from initial demand to final the shipping of an order in our company hence takes about 30 days.

Offers for selected projects

Because we have to select projects in our business according to certain criteria that are clearly set out within the company, we send offers to customers who order elements that are interesting for us. Although we would like to accept everything willingly, this is unfortunately not possible; for example, in the case of smaller orders, where the preparation hours would exceed the production hours.

We do not reject orders in principle, but this can happen in the following cases:

  • We have all production capacities occupied, where we then we inform the customer of the real delivery time, which is slightly longer due to occupancy.
  • The order is too small or unacceptable.
  • The product is not suitable for our production processes.

The most common metalworking services

The company carries out a diverse range of metal processing, keeping us competitive in the market. Among the most common are:

In addition to the above, we also perform machining of elements after welding, which is completed with our close subcontractors.

We also provide surface protection of products in partnership

There are methods of surface protection of metals, which we do not implement in our company, but we still offer to our customers in cooperation with partner companies. These include:

  • powder coating,
  • hot dip galvanizing,
  • galvanizing,
  • wet painting,
  • sandblasting,
  • cataphoresis.

Only the highest quality products from the company

As you can see, at Kovinc we ensure a carefully planned and controlled client experience to provide the highest quality products. The final quality is always assessed by a professionally trained controller, who monitors the product through the entire production process. Even through processing conducted by our subcontractors, the product is carefully inspected upon return and approved for further processing, all the way to the final CE mark of the product.

There is also a guarantee attached to the final product, which is negotiated with the client in accordance with their requirements.

Are you interested in any of our services? We will be happy to receive your inquiry, which you can send via the contact page, or write to us at info@kovinc.si.