Pipe and Profile Bending Service

Quality. Speed. Accuracy. Complex shapes.

Cutting and Bending of Sheet Metal

Many years of experience in sheet metal cutting proves that we provide quality service within the agreed time limits. Cutting of sheet metal is done on tested machines, where we can ensure quality cutting with appropriate tolerances.

We also perform sheet metal bending with modern machines, that are supported by computer CNC steering. We can produce elements of the most demanding forms.

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Sheet Metal and Profiles Bending

Fast and precise bending of sheet metal is done with the modern CNC machine of the Italian manufacturer Gasparini.

Sheet Metal Cutting with CNC Machine

A computer-controlled CNC cutting machine provides fast and extremely precise cuts.

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  • When is scissor cutting more appropriate than laser cutting?
    When doing simple shapes, cutting with scissors is more favourable due to lower energy consumption.
  • Can you cut stainless steel and aluminium?
    Yes, we can cut all kinds of materials.
  • What is the sheet metal's maximum length for cutting and bending?
    The maximum possible length is 3000 mm.
  • What are the cutting and bending tolerance for sheet metal?
    The cutting and bending tolerance for sheet metal are 0.05 mm.