Petrol d.d.

We produce, install and maintain the corporate identity equipment for visual communications of fillings stations for the company Petrol d.d.

»We have been cooperating with Kovinc d.o.o. for many years in the field of locksmith works and the implementation of the corporate image for our filling stations. We recognize them as a reliable and competent contractor. We believe their main advantage to be their prompt responsiveness, ability to adapt and the ability of carrying out our orders within the set period. It means a lot to us that the company is innovative and that follows technological progress. We hope for similar cooperation in this field also in the future.«

Petrol d.d. is a Slovenian trading company with petroleum products, gas and other energy products. The company generates about 20 percent of its revenues in the trade of consumer goods and services. The company was established in 1947.

We cooperate with Petrol in the field of manufacture and maintenance of CGP (corporate design of buildings), in doing which our company developed own modules with led illumination for light signs, which for the same luminosity consume up to 4 x less of power. We have obtained the SIQ certificates for illumination of the light tables with led modules.

In the making and maintenance of the corporate design of buildings our company provides the services of laser cutting, profile cutting, sheet metal bending, CNC punching of sheet metal, manual welding, zinc coating, powder coating and assembly.

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