Farmtech d.o.o.

We manufacture metal components for trailers for the company Farmtech.

The company Farmtech d.o.o. from Ljutomer markets its products under the brand name Tehnostroj and Farmtech and continues successful tradition of development, while offering the market superior and sophisticated farm equipment.

The principal activity of the company Farmtech, d.o.o. is the production of agricultural machinery and equipment and trade. The company operates with two main segments: agricultural production and environmental production programme.

Their offer includes modern agricultural and environmental technology, which is marketed under their own brands.

Production of agricultural engineering includes the manufacture of agricultural machinery from single-axle, double-axle, tri-axle, tandem-axle, universal dump, universal push-off and universal tipping trailers to manure spreaders (manure, lime, compost…) from 4 to 33 tonnes of gross vehicle weight.

Our company manufactures for Farmtech d.o.o. metal components of tractor-trailers, and in the production thereof, we provide laser tube cutting, laser sheet metal cutting, profile cutting, manual and robot welding, sheet metal and tube bending and coating processes of products.

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