Other Machines and Tools

Sheet Metal Cutting

  • CNC shears Gasparini CO 3010

Sheet Metal Piercing

  • CNC piercing machine up to 6 mm Tehnology Technonumerik 30 C.S.M.
  • CNC piercing machine IMS PHY 120 CNC up to 20 mm
  • Angle notcher FIM Versa 2004
  • Eccentric press MIOS T 105
  • Eccentric press MIOS 40 tonnes

Sheet Metal Bending

  • CNC bending machine Gasparini PBS 075
  • CNC bending machine Gasparini PSG 250/3000 with numeric control Delem DA 66 W
  • NC bending machine Digbend

Manual Welding

  • MIG/MAG welding of metal materials (approx. 15 Merkle welding devices)
  • MIG/MAG welding of aluminium materials (3 Merkle welding devices for welding of aluminium materials with argon)
  • Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding of inox materials (3 Fronius welding devices)
  • Electric resistance welding (one welding device by EV d.o.o. Lendava)

Robotic Welding Cell

  • Robotic welding cell equipped with Motoman HP20-6 robot, NX 100 robot control, turning positioner around the horizontal axis RM2-3E and with three external robot axes (being acquired), pieces weight up to 500 kg, dimensions up to 1.400 x 2.500 mm

Laser Sheet Cutting

  • Laser cutting machine Platino Power 1530
  • Screw compressor ABAC for laser
  • Overhead crane, type KŽ, 1 tonne x 4.5 m, by Insem Atmos
  • Gas supply installation for laser (laser gases and cutting gases). Supplied and installed by Istrabenz

Profile Cutting

  • CNC track saw Pedrazzoli SN 350 AP-CNC
  • NC track saw Pedracoli, year 1997 BROWN SN 270
  • NC circular saw for aluminium profiles TEKNATK 133, year 2000
  • Table saw for iron profiles MEP PA 101
  • Table saw for aluminium materials DEWALT

Bending of Profiles, Pipes and Full Materials

  • NC bending machine DIGIBEND 360, year 2003
  • NC bending machine for circular, square and rectangular pipes Gantar
  • CNC 5 axis bending machine Crippa Linear CA 563 (to a diameter of 60 fi)

Flattening of Profiles, Pipes and Full Materials

  • Bending machine Ercolina CE 50 N3

Sheet Metal Flattening

  • Plate bending machine Comal Kappa 4 (length of 3 m)

Profile Drilling

  • Automatic drill Sermac R32
  • Automatic drill Dalmastroj MK 4
  • Drills (2 sets)

Profile Milling

  • Milling machine ALG 200 B

Lathing of Profiles and Full Materials

  • Lathe HUGE 330 x 2000

Tool Grinding

  • Grinding machine Majevica BRB 50-30