Renata Žvelc

Holder of procuration

In today's time, when business is becoming increasingly complex and we operate in a world governed by an uncompromising competitive struggle, it is even more important to pay sufficient attention to the following three key factors. Namely, commitment to customers, long-term relationships with suppliers and employee satisfaction. The key to success is also the successful integration of older staff with experience and young people who are ambitious and full of new ideas. In addition to investment in employee's knowledge, every year our company devotes a large part of its funds also to investing in buildings, equipment and technology. We are aware that only by constant investing a company can grow successfully and break into international environment.

I am proud that I am part of an undertaking, which has managed to develop into a successful company from a small craft firm that currently employs 50 people and represents an important employer in the region. There are still many challenges that lie before us, but I am confident that working together with joint forces, commitment and loyalty to the company, we can successfully overcome them and become more successful and visible throughout the coming years.


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Renata Žvelc